madrid, here i go again!

revisiting madrid at the end of the month. will be staying for a couple of weeks. if you have any recommendations and must~see places or you want to meet up for a café or some tapas and sangria, please get in touch.

above photos of pablo’s flat, where i stayed at last time i was in madrid. a place full of grace and character. just like pablo!

some music to go with the news.

vaso for lebouquet


i have been working on lebouquet blog updating it with more work. please check it here!

thank you!

in sta gra me

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how are you? i am pretty ok these days. v and myself are trying to promote our small wedding and christening photography business so we are organising ourselves; designing new promotional material, updating le bouquet blog and editing photos day and night to catch our deadlines. we like to keep ourselves busy especially this time of year when everything is a bit dark and gloomy and situations have gone really crazy in this part of the world. we try to keep calm, work passionately and think positive, things extremely hard at the moment.

as you can see above i have also created an instagram account. i was given a tablet to use and peruse as if electronic devices around me were not enough. well, that was a gift and am grateful for it not only for entertaining myself with jewels star when in loo {oops!} but because i don’t need to carry my heavy and pricey camera with me all the time. please follow if you wish to enjoy more of me!!

i am heading to athens for the weekend and next week and i am free and happy to discuss any photographic/artistic project with you or why not get hired for a quickie {photoshoot}!

instagram account: iamafrais

bye bye 2013

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 IMG_0218           IMG_0304               IMG_0317 

saying bye bye to 2013 in colours. it has been a hard hard year.

hope the new one treats us good cause we need it.

see you in 2014!

{photos from last 2013 weekend in salonica}

friday night memo

will be travelling to athens this weekend and week but koniklos will be up and running thanks to lovely v who is staying behind. in fact, this is the last week of the shop being open so hurry up for some holiday shopping for your loved ones!

learned a bit about image map the other day and i tried to put it in good use on the photo above. click on any item on the photo and you will be transferred to each item’s shop page. how cool is this!

happy weekend, then, enjoy these cold days {and nights} and don’t forget those in need {people and animals}!