hallelujah ∴ part one

hello there! i woke up to a grey sky but this is not a problem anymore.

there is a lot of errands to be done but for lunch i am having picnic in the fields with some sweet people.

i have a checklist of things i have to prepare. plus, my mum will help with the cooking as no time to accomplish everything this morning.

the photos above are from eleftheria‘ s bazaar party last saturday. i always have a great time at her parties. it was also great to see all her clothes to sell out. i quickly snapped a denim overall, took a few shots and headed back to my lovely bed.

i have split the photos in two posts so it’s easier for you people to navigate. eleftheria and her daughter, katerina are pictured above. it’ s a pleasure to take photos of them. especially, katerina is my favourite model.

time for the second post! see you in a bit!

hallelujah ∴ part two

eleftheria at hallelujah is such a great curator. everything in the shop is always strategically positioned and i admire this skill of hers. maybe, it’s because she used to be a stylist for fashion magazines. i personally think she just has it!

i am not a jewellery person but i do adore big minimal pieces of jewellery. i treasure one of xronis bullet pendants and a brass cuff. xronis mainly creates art; he was present at the party but too shy to pose for me. i would love to shoot him working in his studio. but i guess i will have to work my way to this.

psarokokalo was there, too, with her japanese style tops; this is my next buy. you can flick through her la.trap collection here.

last but not least, a big surprise was waiting for me right before i make my grand exit; the lovely and smiley konstantina from mind the cook. it was a pleasure to meet a fellow blogger at the party. we realised we had so many online experiences to share and at the end, we came to an agreement that sealed the beginning of a new friendship; me taking photos of her cooking!

have to go now. my time is up.

enjoy your week, guys!

me and my table

hello there! first photo it’ s me in my bathroom with my bushy hair. i need a good trim.

and second it’ s my compact office space. i carry supplies and more with me, in the plastic bento box, whenever i go away for work.

chinese notepad and fabric purse gifted to me by my friend eleftheria. she spoils me with pretty things all the time.

handmade ceramic cup found in an organic farmers market.

silver leather pencil case by vatinel from hallelujah. my lomo is a precious gift from a very precious friend.

time to pack my bag. going to my hometown. back to athens in a week.

enjoy your sunday!

no winter blues

it is funny how much i have changed in the past years. myself and my preferences; i just don’t want the winter to go away. winter, please, stay with us for a bit longer! i need to feel the chilly breeze on my face; to wrap up in my heavy coat and the wool scarf my mum knitted for me; to long for the sun rays to warm my face.

i just feel deprived of winter. this is the first time in my life i am not looking forward to summer coming.

sandra wrote a lovely post yesterday with wrist worms people photos. im there, too.

i woke up to omar sosa’s iyawo. of course, i had to look the word up. iyawo is a yoruba word and it means wife. {as found here}

i feel a bit better today and can’t stay in bed. i’ m going to hide myself in big clothes and woolly hat {i also have a bad hair day}, grab my camera and head for hallelujah. eleftheria is having a bazaar party with food and music. and i need to socialise a bit.

ill be back with more photos. have a nice weekend!

anti friday

my dad came in the morning and brought croissant and medicine. for breakfast.

well, yesterday i had to call the doctor home cause i was feeling really crap. he prescribed me antibiotics. which i had to take; and i did. i am not happy at all with this but sometimes we just need to do some things.

there was some productive thinking these days, though; for the office renovation, i am planning to either paint one side of the wall grey or cover it with some vintage wallpaper i found in a skip last year. the rolls were completely intact. the make is sanderson. on its plastic cover it is written made in england. just gorgeous!

another idea is to cover it with chalkboard paint so as to write on it. will see.

through the years i ‘ve become obsessed with word definitions and origins. i look up almost everything; from simple words and abstract notions to names. let’s say the name rufus is a male given name coming from a latin word meaning red-headed. my greek name angeliki is a variant of angela (greek) and angelica (latin), and the meaning of angeliki is messenger; messenger of god; angelic. {both found here and here}

do you know what your name means or where it comes from?