no winter blues

it is funny how much i have changed in the past years. myself and my preferences; i just don’t want the winter to go away. winter, please, stay with us for a bit longer! i need to feel the chilly breeze on my face; to wrap up in my heavy coat and the wool scarf my mum knitted for me; to long for the sun rays to warm my face.

i just feel deprived of winter. this is the first time in my life i am not looking forward to summer coming.

sandra wrote a lovely post yesterday with wrist worms people photos. im there, too.

i woke up to omar sosa’s iyawo. of course, i had to look the word up. iyawo is a yoruba word and it means wife. {as found here}

i feel a bit better today and can’t stay in bed. i’ m going to hide myself in big clothes and woolly hat {i also have a bad hair day}, grab my camera and head for hallelujah. eleftheria is having a bazaar party with food and music. and i need to socialise a bit.

ill be back with more photos. have a nice weekend!