random wednesday

hello hello! my good friend tieu is here. she came all the way from london today to bring me pimm’s and get drunk. just kidding! she is here to see me and me to see her. we ‘ve been apart for a very long time but funny enough i feel like we had a coffee and a chat just yesterday. she feels the same.

my reply to her do you want me to bring you something from london question was of course pimm’s. can’t wait to make my favourite cocktail; pimm’s with sprite, strawberries and mint.

tieu is determined to do a lot of bar and café hopping and i am certainly up for it. i am going to add some art to her hectic bar crawling agenda but she doesn’t know it yet.

photos from our trip back to athens today. weather is getting warm and i feel like smiling again.

i am so happy to tune into my favourite radio station.

c ya!