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hello people. hope you are having a great holiday time.

i need to admit that i’m not a christmas person. i love holidays just because i get the chance to spend time with my loved ones. people i miss because they live far. people i don’t see often and even though they are not part of my daily routine, they always have a warm place in my heart and every time we meet each other we feel intimacy, security and a true sense of belonging. things so vital for me that i can’t live without.

see you next year!

coffee break

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… with friends and family. going to the capital.

film photo taken at tailor made.

see you soon.

sunday morning

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… at home.

we made some fresh smoothie and cooked our own version of croque monsieur. we had some savoury ones with cheddar and some sweet with honey and jam.

it was a beautiful morning.

have a happy week!

bright and dark

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first photo a collection of found rocks and thriftwood on my wall.

second one some warm lighting in a cosy cafe.

hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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some more photos of paris from years ago. that vespa is fun, don’t you think?