bella joanna

i had a portrait photography session with sweet joanna at the beginning of june which i enjoyed a lot.

will be sharing more soon as i am still editing the photos.

thanks for reading my blog and spreading the word.

ay madrid! :: one

17/07/12 | travel | 6 comments »

on the street, for ten days with my camera, the natural extension of my arm; my sole companion and true friend.

i’ll be sharing the best moments of my days in madrid for the next days.

which actually means them all. más o menos.

summer night

29/06/12 | people | 1 comment »

greek summer moments in black and white. two nights ago at mary’s mum place. a hot, sweet, no frills evening.

i want to go back soon.

snowhite :: three

more photos of my walkabouts in white.

no saturday night drinks for me, palls. working on a new project these days which i’ll be telling you more about soon.

also, planning to head north in a couple of weeks. any suggestions what to see and do in salonica {yay for salonica} are more than welcome.

i’m so looking forward to my sunday get~together lunch with best friend at her new place. so, maria, red or white wine, darling?

love. hope you all have a supercalifragilistic sunday.


some black n white photos taken the other day during my mini excursion with maria.

looking forward to more time with friends, more photos, more adventures, more beautiful scenery, more interesting projects and more love for the new year.

see you all soon.