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hello friends.

sister {modelling above} and myself have been working on a collection of used clothes i will be selling through my blog soon. i organised a similar event some months ago with used summer clothing. hope you support this one too. stay tuned.

have an interesting week.

dots and stripes




this is my last fashion post for the summer. thanks for looking!

. vintage dotted scarf. bought in london. 6 euros.

. brown cotton pants with elastic waistband. made in india. extremely soft and comfy. never worn. one size. 14 euros.

. blue striped blouse by zara. never worn. size M. 12 euros . {RESERVED}

. denim shorts by zara. size S. 14 euros.

i’m happy to answer any questions about the items. so, feel free to email me. thank you!

p.s. i was looking for this song long time now as youtube took the video down. hopefully, i found it on the kexp song of the day podcast.

p.p.s hermine’s and eefje’s beautiful collaboration.

see you.

all belted

more clothing. but, promise, i’m near the end of my summer sell out.

. 100% cotton top. never worn. size S/M. 12 euros. {SOLD}

. 100% linen shorts by uniqlo. size M. 14 euros. {SOLD}

. cotton rope belt by earth collection. 6 euros.

. 100% cotton top by s’nob. never worn. size M. 12 euros. {RESERVED}

. cotton blue pants by zara. size S. 14 euros. {RESERVED}

. woven belt. made in peru. 9 euros.

i welcome any question about the items. thanks for looking!

p.s. and hello nice people! {you know who you are} thanks for offering a helping hand. what a wonderful and very pleasant shock of kindness! thank you! thank you! thank you!

all about the dress :: two

more dresses. my last ones!

. dress from zara. never worn, just love to hang on the wall and look at it. size M. 18 euros. {SOLD}

. vintage light denim dress. size M. 18 euros. {SOLD}

just drop me a line if you fancy any.

p.s. this got stuck in my head. and the words.

all about the dress :: one

21/06/12 | fashion | 3 comments »

sometimes it’s all about the dress. and of course, the girl..

selling my favourite dresses, which have mostly adorned my closet {and sometimes my wall}.

they have never been worn {at least by me}.

. scarf bought in london. 6 euros. {SOLD}

. 100% cotton dress. made in italy. size M/L. 20 euros. {SOLD}

. 100% cotton vintage dress. absolutely fabulous. made in france. size M. 20 euros. {SOLD}

feel free to email me with any questions.

p.s. friday will be delivering some stuff in athens. if you want to grab anything from here, here, here, here and here will be happy to deliver your purchases in person, for free.